Icy Car Top on the Streets of New Jersey is a No, No

Icy Car Top A No No

Icy car top can be a very dangerous drive

New Jersey motorists, the winter season is here again and you must remember to clean icey build up off your vehicle fully before you hit the street driving. If you are a visiter to New Jersey and are driving into the state with ice on the top of your vehicle, you must clean it off before you enter NJ. The NJ state law required that all icey build up must be clean from your vehicle before you drive it on the streets of NJ.

Large trucks because hight are not exempt from this law, especially if you are an out of state driver. Truck drivrs must know the laws of the street of NJ, if they are going to operate an automonile while in the state. How ever, your truck top must be free from anynicey build up. You should know that a build up of ice from snow fall will change the known hight of the vehicle.

If you are driving in the visinity of a vehicle with excessive ice build up from snow, you dhould stay clear of that vehicle the safest way posdible. Always do the right thing to keep you and others safe on our streets where you are.

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