Jamaica Analog TV Going Digital in 2015

Travelers if are you planning to retire in Jamaica in the next two to three years? Well to watch TV, you must have a television with HD capability or digital converter box in order to view free television, by 2015.

This mean that anyone with one of those tube television would need a digital convert box or purchase a HD capable TV. Now for those people who don’t have the financial resources to buy a new HD television. What will they do? Will the government of Jamaica, grant them a few complementary digital converter television boxes, as the United States did in 2011, when they switched from their analog television broadcast network systems to digital?

This Jamaican switching from analog to digital TV technology, can be very beneficial to home energy conservation, because some analog TVs do uses a tremendous amount of energy, especially the very large TVs. I observed this when I had to get rid of my tube TVs, due to our 2011 US analog to digital  switch, where my electricity bill for the next month was lower than previous months after the switch and is still low today. I was told by others also, that they too had the same experiences with their electric bills been lowered after the switch. Here is another great benefit of the new analog to digital switch,  today’s HD TVs are flat screened so here you have the benefit of space saving, mainly because of their wall mounting options.

Jamaica seems to be one of those Caribbean Island that dose not want to be left in the dark with a bottle oil lamp, so they are moving as fast as their fastest runner Sir Usain Bolt, to keep up with the changes of technology. I must say from doing some monthly observations on the progress of the Island Jamaica, they are doing a fine job with so many improvements in new fuel technology; new and improved passenger train service; solar energy implementations; new focus on education and technology; tourism, mobile communication; crime and corruption management; automobile manufacturing(Island Cruiser); world class entertainments, just to list a few.

Jamaicans the days of free television viewing is coming to an end soon and very soon, so for those who have the unHDed TVs get ready to trash those dinosaur TVs, and don’t try to look that word up in your dictionary, because it is not there. If you are an editor of dictionary, then you can add it to your list of words. Like this (un-HD-ed, adjective; Electronic systems that does not have High Definition technologies)

Please note that the word (trashing) the TV is just a figure of speech, the Jamaican government should provied recycling for your TVs. Please find out where, how or what’s the reycleing process for you old tube TVs and save a world.

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