NYC New Taxi Off or On Duty Lighting Rules

NYC Taxi Cabs

NYC taxi cabs off duty lights get new rules

This New York’s new rules on taxi lighting will stemmed all current and future confusions of the two off duty lights and one medallion light. Also taxi drivers who use to use their lights to cherry pick their passengers, will not be able to do so any more.

The new rule will required all taxi drivers who are off duty, to have only their taxi medallion light illuminated, so the two off duty lights is no longer required. However, all other active taxi driver’s vehicles will be required to have their medallion and their entire light system illuminated.

The dead line for this new New York taxi lighting rule will go in to effect by the end of December, 2012. However, some the of the taxi off duty lighting system may still be available until all the old lighting technology are faded out in about two to four months.

All taxi drivers must know and follow this new lighting rule. This new rule means no more hanky panky lighty on the streets of New York by taxi drivers. If a taxi driver is caught breaking this law, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Taxi operators do, the right thing and continue to keep New York a safe place, for you and for others who use the streets day to day. Also share this important information with your fellow taxi drivers, whether you know them or not.