Bereavement Fares, Airlines and Requirements

Bereavement Fares

Bereavement airline fares

Do you have an unexpected or sudden medical emergency or death in your family? Bereavement airfare is a great way to get discounted airline ticket pricing to various destinations. The percentage of discounts varies between carriers from as low as 5% and as much as 60% or more.

Bereavement airfare policies and discounts differ between airlines also, so please check with the airline of your enquiry for their specific policy requirements. Although, some of the basic guidelines include flexible booking and reduced rates to accommodate the bereaved traveler, you must call to be certain of what is required of you before you get to the airport, especially if you are traveling internationally.

Discount Qualification                                                                                                                      The bereavement fare discount for medical emergencies or death of an immediate family member include husbands, wives, fiancés, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, which also includes blood-related, foster, half and step relatives, in-laws, legal guardians, and domestic partners

Discount Airlines
American Airline’s bereavement fare policy can be found at ( for full offers. Domestic partners can take advantage of the discounted rates. For further details and reservations requirements call American Airlines’ customer service at 800-433-7300.

United/Continental Airlines has what is call a last-minute compassion/ bereavement airfares, see United/Continental Airlines ( for passengers seeking medical treatment, visiting a seriously ill or an injured family member, or to attend the funeral of a family member.

Passengers needing medical treatments must know the correct name and address of the family member and physician, if applicable. All Reservations must be made at an airport in person or by telephone at 800-231-0856. The airline will also change your flight if you have already scheduled a flight to other unrelated destination.

Delta Airlines see ( for more information and offers on discounted bereavement fares for passengers traveling for the death or the imminent death of an immediate family member.

All travelers’ flights must be no short three days and traveler must know the correct name and phone number of the hospital, hospice or funeral home or the name of physician, if applicable. You can get changes done to any pre scheduled itinerary, if need be.

To make a reservation traveler must call Delta Reservation Sales at 800-221-1212.

US Airways see ( where bereavement discount policy requires passenger to provide the correct name of, family member, the funeral home or hospital in order to complete their verification process the discounted fare. For more details travelers must call 800-428-4322.

Airlines without Bereavement Options
The airlines listed below provide some of the lowest discounted fares. They are likely to provide bereavement rates; however this option may have changed, so please check with: AirTran (, JetBlue (, Southwest ( and Virgin Atlantic ( to see if they currently provide bereavement discount fares.