Macy’s and Best Buy New Way of Making Apple, Sony and Other Products Available to its in Store Shoppers!

Will you be travelling and shopping soon? Yes you will travel, you will shop and you do both of those a lot in the next few weeks too, because it is the holiday seasons and it is also the end of a passing year and beginning of a new one.

Well while you are travelling please travel safe and remember if you are driving do drive for yourself and for one another. If and when you are shopping check out a new way department stores like Macy are selling apple products. Macy’s and Best Buy customers can now view or purchase some Apple, Sony, Garmin, Skullcandy, Belkin and iHome products and accessories from vending machine, with the use of a major credit card.

However, even if you currently have the entire collection devices and accessories Apple has to offer. Whenever, you are visiting a shopping center or mall that has a Macy’s or a Best Buy store, just stop by and check out this vending machine called the e-Spot ZoomShop.  You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t need to, but just to have a look and maybe when you do need to use the Apple vending machine you do know where to find it.

This is another great way Apple is using its marketing strategies to make its products and accessories readily available for its Apple users. So congratulations to the person(s) who came up with this brilliant idea for marketing.

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