Toyota End of Year 2012 Recall Top 2 Million Vehicles!

TOKYO (Reuters)
Toyota is recalling over 2 million vehicles for fault in their steering system, which could possibly lead to accident, serious injuries or even death. However, according to the automaker this could be dilemma has not occurred yet and they want to keep it that that way, hence the reason for the recall. So all Toyota drivers like me don’t need to have any major concerns, but we all need to have our cars check since this is a worldwide Toyota recall.

Models and years:
Some models such as the Prius are been recall also for issue with their water pump, along with the Prius recall are some corollas too. The recall years ranged from as early as 2000 to as late as 2011.

Before you and hit the streets in our Toyota automobile lets all check with our local Toyota dealer to see if our vehicle is one of those that are been recalled by Toyota. A call like this to a dealer usually end with an appointment for a future date one that is convenient to you, so if you are not ready to make your appointment then maybe you shouldn’t call yet, but you need to do so as soon as possible so you won’t forget to make that call.

If you have not participated in a vehicle recall before, you should make note that for this recall visit there should be no cost to you.

Take notice here too that because an automobile dealer in your community has a few Toyota on his or her lot, doesn’t mean that he or she is authorized to honor the recall repairs of your Toyota.

If and when you got your vehicle’s recall repairs completed for your specific Toyota model, remember to get a print out of all work that was done to your vehicle before you leave the dealer service station. Just in case something happen to your car then you know you have your record of this recall issue checked and resolved, where and when.

A Bit of Memory:
Anyone wants to go in to memory with me? Remember when you could drive your car into a tree then get out the car brush the pieces of tree barks off the bumper, get back in your car and just keep on driving as if you were looking for another tree to run into? Now try hitting the wind with your $60 or $80, 000.00 cars and see how fast you would have to put your auto mechanic on speed dial.

More environmentally friendly vehicles:
When it comes to the issue of global warming and building environmentally friendly automobile. Governments are trying their best to have the automakers manufacture vehicles that are lighter, smaller, more fuel conservative and safer for automobile’s drivers and their occupants. In the process of all these needed aspects of today’s automobile, why should we drivers settle for cars that cost much money now and can’t even take a hit from the blowing on the wind?

Cars Today:
Many people will say and accept the fact that today’s cars are build by computer, navigates by computer, parallel parks by computer, self diagnose by computer and can go much faster because of computer. They are willing to sacrifice something and even pay any amount of money may cost for the automobile they like no matter the make.

A little advice to these auto manufacturers today:
To all auto makers in the world please stop trying to be the biggest in the world and just be the best in our world. Why do you need to manufacture three cars or SUVs of the same specs, but three different names (an example is the Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe)? Why not just make one model in the best way possible and whenever you offered that vehicle for sale why not offer more warranties?