Keeping Your Vehicle’s Fuel Tank full, Topped Off, on “F” or Above Three Quarters!

Power Outage Equals Gas Shortage

Gas lines goes beyond blocks and blocks in NJ!

Whenever, you drive a vehicle it is always a great idea to keep your fuel tank full, tapped off, on “F” or above three quarters. Motorists have mixed feelings about keeping their vehicle’s tank fill at all times, I can assured you that the positive reasons outweighs the negative ones see some of those positives listed below:

A full tank of gas is good just in case you have and emergency late at night all the fuel stations in your immediate vicinity are closed.

A full tank of fuel can be very beneficial in a time of natural disasters such as hurricane brings lot of wind and water which could affect gas refineries, the oil tanker have trouble at sea or docking, fuel stations could be out of power and fuel for long durations, lines at gas stations could be miles long and long wait at station could aggravated motorists and in turn cause a riot.

The more gas you have in your car in the better it will run with your routine tune ups and oil change. The less gas you have in your vehicle the more air you fuel pump will pumps through your fuel lines especially if your vehicle frequently operate below the “E” or the empty mark on your tank’s in dash fuel gauge.

Driving your car on empty will also cause your fuel filter to clog more frequently this may leads to other damages to your vehicle’s engine fuel injectors or there engine parts.


Some the negatives of keeping a full tank of gas:

A full tank of gas gives thieves a longer get away chance before have to stop to fill up. But what if the thieves who stole an empty vehicle have his or her own gas can with full or even have their own tow truck for taking that vehicle.

A full tank of gas in vehicles with outside fuel tank access and SUVs because their height and easy underneath access without jacking up the vehicle.

A full tank of gas could also cause more damage in the case of a fire or an explosion.

With all the negatives and positives of having a full tank or semi empty tank of gas whatever the outcome that is why you have insurance on your vehicle.