Tire Rotation the Importance!

Tire rotations may be just as important as installing new tires on a vehicle. Tire rotations are mainly done to equalize the wear and tear on a vehicle’s tires. Before you rotate your tires there are few things you need to find out, such as can your tires be rotated using the recommended diagram; are the tires directionally designed; is the vehicle front, rear or four wheel drive vehicle?

The rotational diagram associated with this post shows simple rotational recommendations for front, rear or four wheel drive vehicle. If you have a vehicle that is equipped with directional tires, you have to use a different method of rotation if the tires can actually be rotated. Also the sizes of the tires may limit your vehicle tire rotation capabilities.

Please note that many sport vehicles are designed with offset sized wheels, where the front tires are smaller than the rear tires. You may not need to do a tire rotation for vehicles of this type. If you are not sure if your tires can or should be rotated consult the vehicle owner’s manual or contact your dealer and enquire about tire rotation for your vehicle.