Gas Cash or Credit at NYC Pumps!

What’s the big deal with paying for gas cash or credit that got the New York council members drawing their executive chairs? Here is the reason why a legislation is been put into place, because many gas station operators charging several cents or dollars extra per gallon of gasoline for credit card or debit card purchases. In state like New Jersey motorists are been charged an extra dollar at some pumps if a credit or debit card is use to make gas purchase.

Now get this, many people doesn’t know that they are been charged extra for their gas purchase until they are reviewing the credit or debit card statements if they do at all and as we all know that some motorists doesn’t even get a receipt for their purchase.

“As a government, we cannot force gas stations to charge the same price,” Quinn told Good Day New York on Thursday.” But consumers have all rights to know what they are been charged for all state regulated products such as gasoline, so that is why the NYC legislators wants to make sure that gas station owners across the New York State make the extra charges known to consumers for their gas purchases whether they do so with cash, credit or debit card.   To be on the saving side of your purchases, always use cash to make your gas purchases and get a receipt with your transaction

Something you should know also about pumping in New Jersey. It is illegal for a motorist to pump his or her own gas.