“Silver Alert” hits New Jersey!

New Jersey’s “Silver Alert” is a system designed to provide emergency service alert similar to that of the “Amber Alert” currently used by the State Police for locate missing children. The only difference between the two alerts is that the “Silver Alert” is the alert system for locating missing elderly person about age 65 years and older. The process works the same way in which the “Amber Alert” works, an alert manager would notify the State Police who then passes it on to the broadcast media which then transmit all the necessary information of the person.

After the missing person information broadcasted, the media will continue to send out the emergency alert to inform people of the missing elderly person or a younger person who may be suffering from a mental disorder time and time again or until the State Police says otherwise.

Please bear in mind that according to the Alzheimer’s Association on their website facts outline there are “5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and one in eight older Americans has Alzheimer’s disease. So the next time you see the sign showing the “Silver Alert” don’t blow it because the person could be in danger or even put you and others in danger especially if that person is driving.