Do you Like Driving and Texting or Talking without a Hands Free Device?

Drive Don't Text

Drive don’t text and drive don’t talk without a hand free device!

Then I hope you will also like what the fines could mount up to and the chance of even loosing you license, injuring yourself or someone else and losing your life or even taken the life of another. In New Jersey the fines are such that if a motorist is caught breaking the drivers and mobile phone usage laws, he or she could receive 3 points to their driver’s license, charge of $150.00 for initial offense and will increase there after which could be double or triple what the initial fines are. A driver could lose their license through point’s accumulations from your prior traffic offenses.

Remember if you are not paying attention to the road when you are driving you are putting the safety and life of yours and others. I know we at are not beating a dead horse here, because a dead horse would not be caught driving and texting or much more using a mobile phone while driving. What we are doing is beating a safe driving practice for all motorists, once they are operating an automobile. My mother always say that “who can’t hear will feel,” and a new saying I heard from my southern friends is that a “hard ears makes a soft ass.”

So for this beating we would like to challenge all motorists out there to take a stand against texting and driving or driving and talking on a mobile phone without an hands free device. If you don’t want to conduct your driving in a safe manner for you and your family, then please do it for other family members who drives responsibly.