Thieves may be targeting the 3rd Row Seats in Your SUV, for black market sale!

Thieves are now stalking SUVs that are equipped with 3rd row seats, because the seats can be sold on the black market for $900.00 or more, but will cost an owner over $3000.00 to replace the seats at a dealer. We at cDrivers believe that automobile manufacturer may need to design locking devices for vehicles with 3rd row seats. Though these added locking devices may cost more when purchasing the vehicle, remember that one more deterrent to your vehicle is always better that none at all.

Things you can do to prevent the seats from been easily detached from the vehicle:

  1. Install some locking mechanism, possible any cable types. This extra restraint is not full proof, but it can prevent the seat from been taken easily.
  2. Leaves the seats at home when they are not been used. If the seat is not needed for your every day usages then leaving it at home or somewhere safe is a good thing to practice. Even though, it could be a hassle to move the seats in and out at times, it may save you some money for the replacement and the repair of you vehicle door or window.
  3. Tint your SUV rear windows with a very dark tint, possibly 5% grade. Most of the time when thieves break into an automobile, it is because what is inside can easily be seen from the outside. So darken the tint on your vehicle’s rare windows is not a bad idea.
  4. Others may say you should engrave your vehicle identification into the underside of your vehicle’s seats, so if stolen and recovered by the authorities the seats can be traced back to your vehicle. Although this may be a good practice to consider, please note that because engraved metal can be easily grind away, we at cDrivers would not recommend this method alone, but with all the other three and whatever else you deemed necessary for the protection of your vehicle.

If you know some with a vehicle that has a 3rd row seats, please share this important information with them.