Do You Know What an AMBER Alert is and Who is Responsible for Carrying Out Such Alert?

Well an AMBER alert is a pre-planned nationwide emergency alert program that is conducted between state law enforcement and the broadcasting media to send an emergency “AMBER Alert,” to the public when a child has been abducted and may be in grave danger.

In New Jersey once the authority has been notified of a child abduction, the State Police must contact the broadcast media (TV and Radio), Notional Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and all other members of the AMBER Alert associations.

After the NOAA receives the alert they must immediately interrupts all radio and television communications to broadcast the details of the abducted child and who or what is involve the abduction. The emergency alert tone will be followed by “This is an AMBER Alert.” The media will rebroadcast the AMBER Alert in accordance with the New Jersey Broadcasters’ Association (NJBA) for the first 3 to 6 hours, and then conducts rebroadcasts as necessary or until the authorities says otherwise.

If you are in receipt of this “AMBER Alert” emergency broadcasting please take it serious, make a note of the details that may be help in assisting with the safe return of the abducted child (remember observe and report). Please don’t think that because your kids are all grown and graduated from college worry when you hear an “AMBER Alert,” or because it is 10pm and you know where all your kids are, you never know it could be a relative of yours.