Winter Checks: Tires Did You Know or Remember?

How can you tell if you have a flat tire?

If you are driving a vehicle that is equipped with an in dash tire pressure monitor, the low pressure warning indicator will be activated, if it is working correctly or you will hear a thumping sound if it’s the rear wheel. However, if a front tire is flat, you will feel a vibration in the steering wheel.

If you are driving and you are experiencing any of those flat tire syntoms mentioned in the prior passage, please remember to stop the vehicle and check your tires when it is safe to do so, preferably at a gas station that is active with people traffic.

Tire Inflation to do and not to do:


Proper Tire Inflation

Treat your tires with the proper tire pressure!



Always inflate your tires at their proper pressure levels. To see what is the correct tire pressure levels for your vehicle, you can find a chart in your car owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb on most automobiles.

Some benefits of proper tire inflations:

  1. You can improve your gas mileage by approximately 4% by keeping your tires properly inflated.
  2. Likewise, under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage tremendously.
  3. For a safer travel always remember that properly inflated tires are safer for your vehicle, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  4. Properly inflated tire can also extend the life of your tires which can be very costly.