Your E-Zpass and Your States of NJNYPA are Working With You!

Things you should know about your E-Zpass:

Can you use your E-Zpass on another vehicle that is not associated with you account, like a rental car?

Yes you can use it on other vehicles that are not on your E-Zpass account.

How can this happen?

Once you rented a car the company took your credit card information, this is just in case you’re the E-Zpass at the toll booth did not read your E-Zpass the rental company will then charged your card the value of the toll required at the time of your passing(s).

However, if your E-Zpass is read at the toll booth, then you don’t have to worry about getting a violation for not paying tolls, because the toll charger will be billed to your E-Zpass account or the rental car company will charge the credit card you have provided during the initial renting process.

What if you used your E-Zpass while operating someone else’s vehicle and the E-Zpass failed to register at the toll booth?

In about a week or two, the registered owner of the vehicle will be getting a citation in the mail. You must informed the owner of the vehicle, about your E-Zpass not registering at the toll booth, so he or she won’t be surprised when they get the citation for failure to pay toll, with the time, date, a photo of the vehicle, the amount for the toll and the surcharge of about $50.00.

You must also inform the owner not to worry once the toll citation is received him or her should let you know the violation the number, which usually starts with APR-T followed by a series of numbers. Once you gather all the necessary violation information, you must then call the E-Zpass customer service at 1-888-288-6865, you can use the automated options and still get the same result of paying for the toll and not the violation, since you had the device at the time of the violation. Please note that process have to be approved by the E-Zpass authority before the entire process is completed in approximately ten business days.  Also if this is a vehicle that you may use time and time again you may want to add the vehicle tag number to your E-Zpass account.