Parking – Did you Know?


  1. When parking on roadways you should avoid parking over manholes or catch basins (because if there should be a gas leak inside one of these, your vehicle could be a source of ignition); boxes marked gas or water round or squared (in case of a gas or water emergency the authority may have to tow your vehicle and this is a process that could be very costly for you).


  1. Check the roadway parking time and days when you are allowed to park.
  2. Remove all items from the views of thieves such as coins, wires, cases or holders for (phones, GPS navigation, iPod, cameras).
  3. Lock all doors and make sure all windows are closed, don’t leave any access for thieves.
  4. If you have parked your car in a metered parking space and you have used one of those machine that issued you a ticket with your entered parking space, you must place the ticketed receipt on your vehicle’s dash board visible for the parking authority to see it. If you have paid for your parking space and your ticket is not visible in your vehicle, you could get a citation for illegally parking without visible permit.


  1. When parking in schools, churches, shopping malls, supermarkets parking lots always back in to a parking spot. This could prevent you from accidentally hit a pedestrian or back into another vehicle in your blind spot.


  1. Remember whenever you park your vehicles always engage your parking brakes.
    1. This prevents the vehicle from rolling if the parking system fails or if you have forgotten to engage your vehicle’s parking system.
    2. If your vehicle is of manual transmission you should always leave the vehicle in the first or reverse gear with the parking brake engaged. This can prevent the vehicle from been, rolled, pushed or pulled away by thieves.


  1. When you parked your car always use a club even if your vehicle is equipped with one of the best auto antitheft device that the security industry has to offer.
    1. When a thief sees a club on your vehicle’s steering wheel they will move to an easier target.
    2. Note even though you have a club on your vehicle’s steering wheel, if a thief wants to really take your vehicle, they will by any means necessary, so all the security devices that you have installed on your vehicle are basically just some means for deterrent.