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NO JAYWALKING! It is for your safety. Walk only in the designated area, and only when the sign says “WALK”.  The lines are there for your benefits, use them wisely and cautiously. [wowslider id="165"]

Drive in the direction that the arrow points

One way, flashing road markers, striped barricades

As a road user you should always observed road signs weather permanent or portable. Those road sings are there for yours and other’s safety and for work area sign are there to keep you informed on what action to take before entering the work zone, during the work zone and after the work zone.

Also alway follow posted work zone speed limit for the fines on many highways are doubled for work zones. You should note that in some states such as New Your, if a motorist get 2 work zones speed violations, then his are her license could be suspended for a period of time.

stop for pedestrians

New Jersey stop to yield

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